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Consider This... Neugebauer Outburst was Justified

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An outburst from Lubbock's congressman during Sunday's health bill proceedings has drawn mixed reaction.

In case you missed it, an emotional Randy Neugebauer shouted "it's a baby killer" during Michigan democrat Bart Stupak's speech. Some he said way to go randy and others have criticized his language and timing.

Consider this; let's discuss the reason behind the outburst. Like it or not, his comments were made in front of a national audience for all to hear and judge. But for the last year and a half, it's been grossly apparent that is not the case with his democratic colleagues.  

This entire health care bill was constructed behind closed doors and in secret meetings and the people we elected to carry our voice were basically silenced and excluded, then sweetheart deals were cut with a few opposing democrats to ensure success. It's no wonder we had republican representatives yelling on the House floor. That would be the only place they would be heard. 

Were the congressman's comments proper house conduct? Probably not. But let's face it, there was absolutely nothing proper about this process. The "baby killer" comment simply revealed the frustration about what's really going on in Washington. And frankly I don't think Randy has any reason to be sorry. The real apologizing should come from the congressmen that completely sold out and voted against the people.

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