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Family speaks out after Tahoka woman gets 10 years for dragging death case

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Wednesday a family remembers their loved one after a Tahoka woman is sentenced to ten years behind bars in connection to her death.

47-year-old Karen Follis pleaded guilty to failure to stop and render aid after a car accident in 2008 where she hit, dragged, and killed a twenty five year old woman.

It's been a year and a half since the accident, but to Kristine Bufkin's family it seems like it was yesterday.

"It's never going to be final with me anyway," said Bufkin's mother Carrie Vincent.

The memories of their loved one will not be forgotten.

"She was just that fun person," said Bufkin's uncle Andy Escobedo.

And the horror,shock, and pain from that November day all came rushing back on Wednesday as the woman responsible for Bufkin's death was sentenced.

"She didn't show remorse for killing our love one and what she's putting our family through, she shows remorse because she has gotten caught and she's going to spend time in prison away from her family," said Bufkin's aunt Michelle Bufkin Escobedo.

Police believe Bufkin wrecked her car, and was walking down the road for help.

Then they say 47-year-old Karen Follis hit Bufkin near East 50th Street and dragged her body attached to the vehicle to Southeast Drive.

Follis had originally told police she believed she had hit an animal, but during the trial a number of witnesses told the court they helped Follis move and abandon the body.

"The choices that we make not only affect our life, but it's that they affect other people's lives," said Escobedo.

And because of choices, the lives of each and every member of this family have been changed forever. 

"Even though Kristine is not here, when you look at her son then you see Kristine, that's when I'm mostly reminded is when I see him," said Bufkin's grandpa Ken Vincent.

They also say they hope Follis' life is changed too.

"We hope that she takes that time to reflect on what she did and that she is able to in some way change the life of one person," said Escobedo. 

During that time they say they'll try to forgive her for taking a person loved by so many, a daughter and a mother, gone too soon.

"Even though she's not here, she's in a lot better place and she won't ever be forgotten, I can tell you she won't be," said Mr. Vincent.

After Follis pleaded guilty, Judge Brad Underwood handed down the 10 year sentence. She faced a maximum of 20 years.

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Tahoka woman faces 20 yrs. in prison for failure to stop and render aid in 2008 Video included
47-year-old Karen Follis was charged in November of 2008 for failure to stop and render aid in the death of 25-year-old Kristine Bufkin of Lubbock.
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