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Viewer Response to Consider This on Neugebauer Outburst

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I was very disappointed in your comment on Randy. Although, I do not agree with a lot of the health bill, it is at least a beginning. I do not agree that our tax dollars should pay for an aboration but do you have someone that has been denied health coverage because of a preexisting health problem- do you have to make a choice between medicine and food or paying your utilites?? Yes, there is problems with some of the bill but it is a start. Maybe it would be better if they would stop playing politics and start working to help solve some of the problems.

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I agree with you! What a travesty when the unborn are supposed to have no voice speak up for them and there is such outrage at parlimentary procedure. Talk about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel!

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I love it.  Now you know what eight years of Bush years feels like.  

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Great comments on Congressman Neugebauer!!  I agree completely with your comments!!  Thank you for taking a stand and stating the obvious.  I wish more people in your profession would speak the truth.  I plan to share a link to your website with friends.  

I agree with you, Way to go Randy!  and way to go Dan Jackson!!

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I would like to keep my comments brief. But it is surprising just how biased this report was in the Consider This segment. It appeared the only concern of the reporter was to express his personal contempt for the Health Care bill and to excuse Randy Neugebauer in his provocative outburst. You end the segment by saying "I don't think Randy has any reason to be sorry." Perhaps you should refer to what he had to say for why he chose to publicly admonish himself and apologize. This might help you to understand why his comments were not OK and indeed contemptible.

The Republicans have had more presidential administrations in the past 30 years to do something about Health Care and they did little to nothing. The Democrats have tried more than once to do something and the Republicans consistently played politics to stall them and kill any efforts they made. This isn't something I'm making up, though I wish it were. It is my belief that through this entire process the Republican have tried nothing more than to make this into "Obama's waterloo." Because of this the Democrats had little choice but to act cohesively and unilaterally to get something accomplished for the American people.

It was a joyous day for many of us in this country on Tuesday as the bill was signed and I must say the Congressmen and women who voted for the bill did not sell out "The People" in the dramatic fashion which your segment would lead us to believe. Almost half supported the bill and now that it's passed I believe those numbers are rising. Many many of us were not against the bill, please do not overlook that fact.

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I say BRAVO..your commentary  was right on and I am so very sick and tired of this administration.  I was upset that Randy said what he said, and knew the Democrats would be all over it, but after listening to your comments I say BRAVO to Randy as well.

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I agree with your comments in 'Consider This' concerning Randy Neugebauer's comment  'it's a baby killer'.  He represents  the people who voted to send him to Washington.  I don't think he has anything to apologize for.  I will continue to vote for him.

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Who are you and what the hell have you done with Dan Jackson? I usually agree with a lot of what you say but tonight I could have sworn you put a Jackson mask on a Randy Neugebauer head. That is the most biased report I have ever heard from you. Of course the Democrats had to do this alone because the Republicans refused to do anything except stand in the way and that is not a solution to the problem. They had every opportunity to input some of their own ideas but they simply would not do it. They had 8 years to do something about health care and they did nothing and never would. Obviously, you have never had to be without insurance because you couldn't afford it so you don't give a fat rat's a__ about anyone else. You' re probably in the percentage of well to do's who will see an increase in taxes because you make over $250,000 per year. Randy Neugebauer is a complete embarrassment to all of us who care about the well fare of all Americans and not just the rich ones. Why don't you look up his voting record? If you are such a right winger maybe you should join up with those idiot Tea Partiers....or better yet.....go work for FOX because, in my opinion, you have already taken leave of your senses.

Consider This... Neugebauer Outburst was Justified NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on the story behind the "baby killer" comment on the US House floor this week.
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