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Torture of Lubbock Man Lands Three Behind Bars

What police describe as a barbaric torture case in Lubbock lands three people in jail. According to police, the suspects severely beat a 38-year-old Lubbock man for four hours straight. On Tuesday April 8th the suspects will face a Lubbock Grand Jury.

Police see all types of crime in Lubbock, but a detective we talked to says what happened in this case is like nothing he's ever seen.

Two weeks ago 38-year-old Frank Beck reported to work at Clark's Heat & Air. Right away his boss, 56-year-old Phillip Edward Clark, showed him a video of someone burglarizing the shop. Beck denied knowing anything about it, that's when 37-year-old Clements Gerald "Moe" McGlaughlin and 26-year-old Shane Wilkins walked in. Over the next four hours police say the three men severely beat and tortured Frank Beck.

"Apparently they tied him to a chair, apparently spread a tarp under him to not allow evidence to drop at the scene, they whipped him with a car antenna, hit him with a steel pipe, held a shotgun to his head, threatened to kill him, burned him with a cutting torch all over different parts of his body, over and over asking him if he did this and he continued to deny it throughout the whole ordeal. They sicked a pit bull on him also, it attacked him he has wounds on his ear and face," said Detective Frank Beck said.

The beating happened in a warehouse at 2404 Grinnell Street. Detective Gary Hodges said four days after the attack, Beck reported it to police.

"I saw him about four days later and he was still tremendously bruised up all over his body we did photograph that and he was not in good shape at all he could barely walk. He did not go to the hospital because the suspect threatened to kill him and also to kill his family if he turned them in, he was scared to even come to the police and finally he decided he was going to be scared anyhow so he went ahead and reported it," Hodges said.

NewsChannel 11 contacted Beck but he did not wish to be a part of this story. The suspects are all three charged with aggravated kidnapping and remain in the Lubbock County Jail each on $500,000 bonds.

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