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Perjury accusation made in Hockley County Sheriff trial

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An accusation of perjury was made Friday morning in the civil trial of former Hockley County Sheriff David Kinney.

Testimony continues with former Chief Deputy Gordon Bohannon back on the stand. On Thursday, he told the jury that Kinney knew about his friendship with Bobby Froman, the leader of the meth ring, and that Kinney encouraged him to get closer to Froman, in hopes of making more drug busts and outshine other departments.

Friday morning, Kinney's attorney, Rod Hobson, sought to poke holes in Bohannon's story, questioning him repeatedly about whether Froman knew he was under surveillance.

Bohannon said he never warned Froman. Hobson pressed him further until Bohannon admitted that he had, in fact, told Froman that authorities were keeping an eye on him.

That is when Hobson exclaimed in court, "You just lied for the past 15 minutes!" Bohannon also testified that Kinney never instructed him to tell Froman about the surveillance, and that he never admitted to Kinney that he had.

Bohannon also acknowledged that he may have given Froman information that would protect the meth ring operation, without realizing how that information would be used.

Bohannon also testified that Kinney knew officers seized some of Froman's drugs in Arizona, but didn't tell him.  He said he might have done things differently if he knew about the drugs.

When asked whether or not Bohannon had provided security for Froman, Bohannon objected to Hobson's arrogance, and refused to answer saying he had already answered that question on numerous occasions.

Bohannon said because Kinney pushed him to work with Froman he feels it's his fault he's in federal prison.  When asked if he though Kinney should be in prison instead of him Bohannon said, "I think he deserves to be right there with me."

Earlier this week, Hockley County's attorney also raised suspicion that nothing had been logged into the property room at the Hockley County Sheriff's Department during an extended period of time between 2007 and 2009. When questioned about that Friday morning, Bohannon again placed blame on Kinney, saying Kinney did not enforce the log.

Terry County Sheriff Larry Gilbreath also took the stand.  He said as Sheriff he feels he is responsible for the actions of his deputies and any evidence the office possesses.

Testimony will continue on Monday.

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