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Getting to Know Jim Gilbreath

All we know about Jim Gilbreath are what his signs look like. Because we see them all over town. We haven't heard about Mr. Gilbreath's view on city government. So, NewsChannel 11 posed the question to district six residents, "Do you know Jim Gilbreath?"

"Well, he's your new councilman. He took the place of Ty Cooke," NC11 told one resident. . "Oh yeah, OK," saidNewlyn Barnes. "Do you know what he stands for, what he represents?" We asked him again. "I sure don't," Newlyn responded.

"Do you know who Jim Gilbreath is?" NC 11 asked another resident. "I guess not," Syl Moore, resident, said. "He's your new city councilman," NC 11 said. "Is that right?" he replied.

"Well, I know him personally and I think he's a very fine man. And I'm certainly going to vote for him and tell the other councilmen to vote for him too," another resident said. "Well, guess what? You won't have to vote for him. He's already a councilman," NC 11 said. "Oh, that's right. He doesn't have an opponent does he!" she replied.

Some know him. Some don't. Jim Gilbreath is a native of Lubbock. A businessman and now the newest member to the city council. NewsChannel 11 sat down with Gilbreath and asked him what he'll do as a leader.

"I think I will bring the notion to the council city government should be effective should be efficient and it should be accountable. I'm an advocate of economic development and so sometimes that means you gotta spend some money in order to make some money. I think as a businessman, you have to look at the situations on an individual basis some people call it managing by exception. I suppose. We've got some challenges at city hall," said Gilbreath.

On Wednesday, the city council is scheduled to approve the fact Gilbreath won unopposed. Another note worth mentioning, because there was no election, the city saved $45,000 of your tax dollars. Gilbreath will be sworn in May 6th.

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