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LISD will not hire retired teachers for 2010-2011 school year


By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) – The Lubbock Independent School District plans to give a group of teachers $5,000 to retire again. LISD says the decision not to hire the retired teachers again was difficult, but the move will help tighten the school's budget.

The group of retired teachers will not be in the classroom next school year. In 2005, when LISD rehired the group of 32 teachers, the district said at the time their employment would be considered on a yearly basis and this year the district decided not to hire retired teachers. 

If each teacher takes the $5,000 gift, the $160,000 pay out will be cheaper than the combined yearly salaries. Almost 80 percent of the district budget is associated with personnel costs and because of their experience and previous retirement, this group of retired teachers is more costly to employ.

While administrators across the country and state of Texas are slashing school budgets to make up for large deficits, Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza says financial circumstances at LISD have not gotten to that point.

"It is our intent to tighten up our budgets to prevent having to make some of the same decisions that other districts are facing," said Dr. Garza who says the decision was one of the more difficult ones the school board has had to make.

Dr. Garza offered to meet with teachers on Wednesday afternoon in the LISD boardroom to answer any questions about this situation.

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