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Is Saddam Dead?

The news broke just after 8:30 Monday night. "Senior administration sources tell NBC news they believe they may have gotten Saddam Hussein and his two sons Odai and Qusai," said a reporter.

Tuesday afternoon, it was the buzz on the street. "Well, I watched the news last night, and that they bombed him and thought they might have killed him," said David Keim. "I've heard about the large crater that was left, but as far as getting him I think he's a pretty sharp little guy and I don't know if we'll find him that easily or not," said Rita Stevens.

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The devastation caused by four 2,000 pound bombs was massive. Producing a crater and a quandary. Finding a body. Proof of Saddam's death. How important is it to have physical evidence of Hussein's demise?

"I'm not believing anything until I see a body and a DNA sample," said Jeff Goddard. A construction worker doing a job on Broadway St., skeptical of unsupported claims. "Until they get a body and a DNA sample, he's still hiding," said Goddard.

Proof however, isn't a priority for Rita. "If our military says we got him then we have to have that faith in our military," she said.

At Texas Tech, mover Michael O'Neill wants to see things with his own eyes. "I have to see it for myself. Some people might believe it, but for myself, I got to see it for myself," he said.

A desire for illumination, in a war against a dictator who hides in the shadows. If Saddam is dead, one of the next questions will be, how will President Bush handle the news of Saddam's death? And what will the United States do next?

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