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More on David Bloom's Tragic Death

We have additional information that makes the death of NBC reporter David Bloom seem even more tragic. According to a report in Business Week Online, Lt. Colonel Manuel Valentine says that three days before his death, Bloom complained of cramps behind his knee.

On Monday night, Dr. Fred Hagedorn, Director of the Emergency Room at UMC, warned that leg pain is one of the most common first symptoms of a blood clot.

"The most frequent thing is pain in the calf, in that area, maybe in the knee. It may be a dull ache, may be a pain in your thigh. But the pain is there. The other three things are tenderness, redness and warmth, along with swelling," says Dr. Fred Hagedorn, UMC.

On Tuesday, we learn that David Bloom even consulted military doctors about his leg pain, and they told him that because of his long hours cramped in an army vehicle, he might be suffering from blood clots deep in his legs, and that he should seek medical attention.

Instead, David Bloom took some aspirin and continued with his tireless coverage of the war. He died Sunday night from a pulmonary embolism, where a blood clot moves from the leg to the lungs.

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