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The D- Weed-R : Does It Work?

Every spring, it's not surprising to find your yard inundated with weeds. If you're not too crazy about using chemicals to treat your lawn, there's a revolutionary way to pull out weeds & their roots, while you're standing!

The product is called the D-Weed-R and it will cost you around $20. Basically, what comes in your package is an oversized drill bit. In order to test this product, I need to have a standard power drill.

This is how it works; you attach the bit to the drill and then it supposed to spin out unwanted weeds. But first, I needed to find a yard and the yard I happened to find had a lot of weeds.

I found a nice plump weed to do the test. I inserted the bit into the center of the weed and pulled the drill's trigger.  It spun fast and weeds were flying everywhere!

Except, the tip bent in he middle of the test. Luckily, there were extra tips. I tried pulling the bent piece out, but had a really tough time. I tried everything to remove the attachment: cutting it off, beating it on the concrete. Nothing seemed to work.

Eventually, I resorted to the back-up tool that comes in the package.

Now that I had a fresh new tool in place, I went back to spinning the weed out of the ground. "Oh look!" It bent again.

Folks, this product just bent me out of shape. Don't buy it, it doesn't work.

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