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Local Mother of a US Marine Watches as Statue of Saddam Comes Crashing Down

For Sandra Perkins watching war coverage has become the biggest part of her daily routine, and now she has new hope. Hope that the fighting will soon end and that her son Alex will soon be home.

Wednesday was a proud day for Sandra Perkins."This is amazing! Nobody's stopping them!" says Perkins. With a smile of joy Sandra watches as U.S. Marines help Iraqi citizens pull down a towering symbol of oppression. "They're pulling down the statue!" she says.

Her son, Lance Corporal, Alex Villapudua, is in Baghdad perhaps helping as his fellow Marines bring down the statue. Sandra watches, waits, and hopes to see Alex through her family's lifeline, their TV set. "I don't know. There's a lot of them out there. You couldn't see their faces or anything but that last little one, I mean he's just a little guy and the way he walked and tripped over a weed, I said, 'that's Alex, look at how he's walking," she says.

Traits only a mother could recognize. But she says, whether it was really him or not doesn't matter. "My son is over there helping those people. He may not be there right there at that moment but he played a part in making those people happy," says Sandra.

The day of a free Iraq draws closer, but for Sandra it means something much more. "I'm hoping it means we've there we've done our job. Now it's up to them. I hope they come home," says Sandra.

Wednesday April 9th was a big day for America and for Alex's family but they say it's far from over. Sandra encourages everyone to continue showing their support for our troops by putting up yellow ribbons and doing anything to let them know that once they come home they are welcome.

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