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LPD charges 20-year-old with robbing Dollar General store


By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) – After almost six hours in an interrogation room at the Lubbock Police Department, detectives charged 20-year-old LaShan Harvey with aggravated robbery, tampering with evidence and evading arrest.

Witnesses describe a Friday afternoon shopping trip where they say a man walked into a store with a gun and demanded money. Police pulled up to the Dollar General near 34th and Slide to learn the suspect fled on foot. The trip to the store took a shocking turn for shoppers, but their quick thinking helped police develop a suspect description quickly.

"As soon as we pulled up to the store my wife saw a black male," said Rey Smith. "He had a blue bandana, black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and white latex gloves," said his wife.

The Smiths say the man paced back and forth and cased the store, and say they knew he was going to rob the store. Their instincts were right now. The Smiths rushed inside the Dollar General to warn the clerk. "No sooner after we said that he came in and said put the phones down and give me the money," said Jaquez Smith.

Margaret Perez, who was in the back of the store, heard a man screaming and yelling. "I looked around the corner and realized we were getting robbed. So I through everything on the floor and ran to the two children and two ladies. We just laid there and I pulled out my cell phone and called police," said Perez.

Carrying a gun, witnesses say the suspect demanded money. "He had it in his pocked as a warning for her to hurry up," said Smith who was standing near the counter and says she heard the suspect tell the clerk she had five seconds to get the money.  Police arrived two minutes after a flurry of 911 calls. Rey Smith says the suspect ran out with money from the cash register.

Back up arrived on scene and patrol officers set up a three block perimeter. K-9 dogs searched for the suspect's scent. Officers found the suspect hiding on a nearby apartment balcony and took him into custody. Harvey was escorted to the police department where robbery detectives questioned him into the night.

"I'm glad he got caught and everybody was safe," said Jaquez Smith. The eventful day at the store ended with hugs shared by total strangers.

It took officers about 40 minutes to locate and take Harvey into custody. Multiple units responded, including detectives and off-duty officers. Once Harvey is arraigned, a bond will be set.

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