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City Resumes Foster Care Program for Pets

Helpless animals are brought in by the dozens each day to sit and wait for someone to give them a new home, or through the Lubbock Pet Project they are placed in foster homes.

Animal lover, Belinda Conrad started a program to save homeless animals five years ago called the Pet Project. "We are a network of foster homes that take care of animals until we can get them healthy and old enough to be adopted," says Conrad.

More than half the animals in the pet project come from the Lubbock Animal Shelter. A partnership the city wants to see in writing. So, since last week the project has been on hold. "The city asked all city departments to look over all of the contracts or lack of contracts with every vendor or organization they're dealing with and that's what we're doing and we're just trying to make sure we are in compliance with city and state laws," says Laura Forsythe of Lubbock Animal Services.

On Thursday Conrad, went before the city council saying the program saves hundreds of pets each year. "From the city shelter which is the heart of our program and my heart was put into this to save animals and in those cases we are saving animals that would be euthanized," says Conrad.

Late Thursday evening the city and the Pet Project came to a temporary agreement. A decision Conrad says will save hundreds of animals at no cost to the city. "We take the animals out at no cost to the city. The two litters we got last week sat in a cardboard box in the front office of that place. They were not fed while they were there. They received no medical attention. The city did not spend one cent on them," says Conrad.

So as of Thursday afternoon the pet project is back in full swing because of a temporary written agreement from the City of Lubbock.

Animal services supervisor Laura Forsythe and she says no adoptable animals were destroyed during the suspension.

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