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Consider This... The Punishment Doesn't Fit the Crime

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week, a former law man in Hockley County was sent to prison for his role in a drug ring in Levelland.

Last summer, after more than a year of good investigative work, the FBI and ATF arrested Chief Deputy Gordon Bohannon. His crime? Helping the very people he was supposed to be fighting. 

Bohannon protected an outlaw motorcycle gang that ran a methamphetamine drug ring. Bottom line, he was a dirty cop and it finally caught up with him. He admitted to felony charges that carried a maximum penalty of life in prison. But that's not what he got. He was sentenced to 10 years max. Ten years?

Consider this; a 10 year sentence for a cop keeping drug dealers in business is not justice. The ring leader he was helping got double that. Cops take an oath to fight crime, to serve and protect. If they betray their community and become the criminal, the penalties should be tougher and harsher, not preferential and lenient.

In this case, I'm sad to say this cop got off easy and the punishment wasn't even close to fitting the crime.

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