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Domestic Violence Strikes Lubbock Pregnant Woman

On Friday a swarm of police officers stood outside a disturbing crime scene. 23-year-old Leticia Soza, approximately eight months pregnant, severly beaten, found unconscious. The suspect in custody, 26-year-old Obby Bobby Galacia. Arrested for aggravated assault, set to be arraigned late Friday evening.

Police tape had sealed off the area, but the door to the crime scene remained open, a large painting of peaceful angels hung above the couch in the living room. A scene where neighbors say screams came from last night. "I heard screaming, a lot of screaming, from a woman," said neighbor Olivia Rengal. She lives two units away and mistook screaming for horseplay. "I went to bed and I heard somebody screaming, but I didn't pay too much attention. I thought they were playing. And then this morning they (her kids) said, 'Mom, something happened,' and I said, 'I thought it was you and Sylvia who were screaming?' and they said, 'No mom, it wasn't us,'" she said.

A search warrant was conducted late Friday afternoon. Leticia lies in a hospital bed at UMC, unable to speak, in critical condition.

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