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Isett Speaks Out In District 83 Race


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The District 83 race has become a heated one over the past few weeks. Incumbent Delwin Jones is 1 of 3 long time State House Representatives whose political career is on the line this week. After some negative campaigning, former District 84 Representative, Carl Isett, spoke up about the race for the first time.

The run-off election started heating up when former District 83 candidate Zach Brady endorsed Delwin Jones after the State Ethics Commission investigated Perry's campaign. Then, Perry announced if elected he wants to repeal House Bill 1403, which he says gives $33-million in state tuition scholarships to illegal immigrants.

"I challenged his voting record and if there's anything we should engage our legislation by is their voting record and it got personal to him because obviously it doesn't support the values of this district," said Perry. 

After this comment, Jones put out a radio ad stating Perry owes him and former District 84 Representative Carl Isett an apology because he supported the same bill. "Well I think he owes Carl because if I was terrible wrong in it then Carl was, and Carl was not wrong. I was not wrong. So he should apologize to me for saying that I did it when I didn't do it, and Rob Duncan did it. Carl Isett did it. 150 or so other legislatures did it," said Jones. 

Isett says he does not want to endorse one candidate or the other, "I had every intention, I was just trying to stay out of this race."

However, Isett disagreed with the radio ad. "Delwin asked or suggested in a radio ad that Charles Perry owes me an apology or should apologize to me for his position. I don't agree with that.  I don't think he owes me an apology. He's challenging an action that the legislature took and he has every right to do that," said Isett. Both candidates say they're disappointed with the negative turns the campaign has taken, but don't plan to slow their efforts in the final days.

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