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Lubbock senior citizen makes voting priority one

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - One Lubbock senior citizen made voting a priority, even as she was recovering from surgery in the hospital.

On Easter Sunday, Ernesteen Kelly fell in her driveway while watering her flowers. She broke her left hip and left elbow. She was taken to the hospital for surgery. On the following Tuesday, while recovering in the hospital, she realized that she hadn't voted in the Republican primary runoff election. "I thought ‘my gosh!' I'm not going to be able to vote. Period," says Kelly.

She then called her friend, Winn Sikes, to see if she could help. Sikes got on the phone with the elections office to see what it would take to get an emergency ballot to Kelly.

To get the process started both Kelly and her doctor had to fill out paperwork. Once that was completed, Sikes was able to bring Ernesteen a sealed ballot. She was able to fill it out, in the hospital, and then she placed it in the provided envelopes, where Sikes was able to turn it in for her.

She believes that it is her civic duty to vote in the elections. "What a shame people don't take the opportunity to vote.  We got the best country in the world and people shouldn't gripe if they don't vote," says Kelly.

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