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High voter turnout for Republican runoff election for Dist. 83 and 84

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There are seven runoff elections for the Texas House of Representatives, and two are here on the South Plains.

This time, election officials say voter turnout is higher than normal runoffs. One reason could be that long-time representative Delwin Jones could lose his seat. He was first elected 46 years ago.

As of 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, more than 5,800 voters have cast their ballots in the runoff. The turnout is heavy, because of the intense campaigning between the candidates - many of the ads being negative toward their opponent.

This negative mudslinging has people fired up for the District 83 and 84 races.

"Typically in a runoff you have very low turnout and because these are two state Rep. races they were highly contested and there's been a lot of media and a lot of input from the candidates," says Dorothy Kennedy with the Lubbock County Elections Administrator.

Some choose to ignore the negative and focus on the issues."That doesn't' really affect what I think and it doesn't affect my vote," says voter Rebecca Morano. "I think some of these ones that have been in office a really long time we need to get them out, and we need to get some fresh faces I think with fresh ideas; that's why I voted today."

 "I really haven't paid much attention to the negative campaigning," says voter Sean Fields. "I agree with his platform and I trust him to execute the platform," says Fields on why he voted.

Those candidates include District 83 with incumbent and oldest member of the legislature Delwin Jones, who had the majority vote back in March. Jones was first elected in 1964.

He is up against 48-year-old Charles Perry. 

For District 84, Mark Griffin took the lead in March. He is in the runoff with John Frullo. 

The polls close at 7:00 p.m. and KCBD NewsChannel 11 will keep you updated on the latest voter turnout numbers and results.

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