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Remembering Delwin Jones' legacy

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After decades of public service, we take a look back at the legacy of Delwin Jones.

Jones lost his District 83 seat to local tea party founder Charles Perry in the Republican run-off on Tuesday.

Jones was first elected to the Texas House in 1964. He served until 1973 as a Democrat, and then from 1989 till now as a Republican.  Now that his 16th campaign has come to end, supporters say some of his accomplishments won't be forgotten.

"Delwin has served us well for 30 years, he has been tireless, and passionate for the people here in West Texas," said Texas Senator Robert Duncan.

Duncan has worked with Jones for more than 18 years and says Jones always stood up for what he felt was right.

"He has good ears and he has a good sense of what's going on the house floor and gave me a lot of good intelligence as we were working through the legislative process on things important to Lubbock and Tech," said Duncan.

Duncan says Jones will be remembered by the bills he carried, including creating the Texas Tech Medical School and the law school.

"He is the last serving member of the legislative team that brought this law school here to Texas Tech," said Lubbock County Republican Chair Chris Winn.

Winn says Jones' passion is what makes him stand out.

"He's never tired of being a public servant, his career was public service. From Texas Tech to agriculture to water rights, he had a part in over 40 years of political history in the state of Texas," said Winn.

"It's a honor to represent the area and look at the footprints that I've put into sands and some of these footprints are in rock, they are not going to fade," said Jones.

"I hope when I'm 86 years old, I have at least one half of the energy that Delwin Jones has," said Duncan.

Jones tells us his proudest moment in the House, was when he authored the bill that created the Texas Tech Medical School.

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