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Charles Perry plans on taking tea party message down to Austin

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) - While the rain on Thursday may have postponed the Lubbock County tea party, their message still remains strong, lower taxes, and smaller government, and now a newly elected house member says he is ready to take that message to Austin.

Newly elected District 83 House member Charles Perry is one of the co-founders of the local tea party movement.

He says spending in our national government is out of control and now that he has a voice in Austin, he wants to protect Texas from slipping into the same trend.

A rainy Lubbock County Courthouse lawn remained empty on April 15, even though tea party groups across the nation met in full force.

"In reality the tax party groups are just average everyday tax paying Americans that are hard working, patriotic, and they are just tired of the abuses that the government seems to be pushing down us," said Cobe Gilliam with Americans for Integrity in Government.

Perry says despite Thursday's gathering being postponed because of rain, there is still a need to make sure their voices are heard.

"It's evident to me that we've got a system that is out of control, more money going in, more money going out than we can ever pay back and that's what the grass roots movement is about," said Perry.

And that's exactly the message Perry wants to take down to Austin, when he is seated in January.

"I think all governments have inefficiencies in them and I think that's what we are asking for is what we do pay make sure it's effective and make sure it is intended to do something that it did it," said Perry.  

Perry says this will happen by really taking a close look at the state budget.

"Make sure the delivery of our services that our government needs to provide which is infrastructure, public safety, and education at the state level that it is being down efficiently. People don't mind paying taxes, if they know that the taxes are producing the result they want it, said Perry.

Tea party organizers are looking forward to re-scheduling the tea party in the next few days, once the weather clears up.

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