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Evacuation at Texas Tech

At Texas Tech on Monday morning, Holden Hall was evacuated for nearly two hours as authorities investigated a suspicious package. Rumors of bomb threats quickly spread across campus.

"My class was cancelled, yes," said Chad Greenfield. He was one of hundreds sitting outside an evacuated building, doing homework on the curb, while authorities investigated a suspicious package.

Just after 8:30 a.m. a staff member from the Air Force ROTC discovered a large metallic box on the floor outside their office. A container normally used to store ammunition. Alarmed, the staff member called authorities, causing Holden Hall to be evacuated, and the rumors to start flying.

"We were at the UC and we had some friends come over and tell us there was a bomb over here," said Janna Henderson. "We heard there were some bomb threats. We heard there was a suspicious box," said Chad Greenfield. "Actually, I just heard it from somebody else. I don't know if anybody really knew," said Laura Petteway.

In fact, at no time was an actual bomb threat made, although the bomb squad did respond. X-raying the box, dousing it in water, opening it up. Police waved away camera crews trying to get a shot of the box, but officials disclosed that inside was nothing more than a briefcase containing papers. "Right now, they're treating it as a crime scene investigation, just to try to find out what the circumstances were that that cannister got left there," said TTU Spokeswoman Cindy Rugeley.

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