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County roads take a beating after days of rain

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX  (KCBD) - After days of rain, it seems the only things leftover are muddy roads, cracks and potholes. This is especially bad out in the county, where folks have to deal with mainly three types of roads, pavement, caliche, and dirt.

When we have long periods of rain, it takes the biggest toll on dirt roads. 

Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay says after bad weather, all the county roads need time to dry out before they can be reshaped or before potholes can be filled.

"The pothole has to be and needs to be dry in order for that pothole to last, so we are going to wait till it dries out to patch potholes, any kind of repair we do now would be short lived and would be a waste of tax payer dollars," said McCay.

McCay says running their equipment on roads that are not completely dry could do more harm than good.

"Living out in the county has a lot of pluses and living out in the country has a lot more freedom and a lot more pluses, the downside is when you have weather like this, then you need to think through and plan alternate routes," said McCay.

If you live out in the county and have road problem or pothole to report, you can call the Lubbock County Courthouse at 775-1335.

Because of these conditions the county says for most roads it will be a few more days before crews are able to get and start making repairs.

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