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Patch to Treat Parkinsons

Well, we've talked about wearing a patch to quit smoking, for birth control, and more recently, for incontinence. Now, some are wearing a patch for another reason -- to treat Parkinsons disease.

The patch contains Dopamine, allowing it to slowly seep into the patient's system. The theory is that a loss of Dopamine in the area of the brain that controls movement is what causes the tremors that come with Parkinsons.

That's why so many patients take Dopamine pills, but some researchers say they think this medication will be more effective in a patch.

"It provides more continuous medication during 24 hours rather than taking the pill which you have to take every eight hours. You have to take it frequently, and it doesn't provide the constant amount of medication than a patch can provide," says Dr. Rajesh Pahwa, neurologist.

"I'm able to travel now. There was a time when I couldn't a couple of years ago, before I started taking the patch," says Lottie Martin, Parkinson's patient.

The problem is: Lottie is part of a test study on the patch. So, it's not widely available yet. But Dr. Pahwa says he expects the Parkinson's patch to be on the market within two years.

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