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Lubbock family aboard Galveston cruise ship that injures 60

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Deborah Price of Lubbock was cruising with her husband to Mexico aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship for the last five days, but it was the last leg of the cruise, that turned scary for passengers, when the ship violently shifted to one side.

Price says they were in their cabin when it happened and that she was worried the whole ship was about to tip over. All of sudden it starting going sideways and you could hear doors flying open and things falling in the hallway. We looked out our window and there was no water to be seen and it was really eerie," she said.

Price says the whole thing only lasted a couple of seconds, but once they moved to the top deck they saw the real damage. She says food and dishes were scattered everywhere, tables were broken, and the swimming pool lost half its water.

A cruise line spokesperson later said the maneuver happened because the ship was trying to avoid a large buoy that was mostly submerged. Sixty people were injured in total, but luckily nobody required an ambulance at the pier or needed to be hospitalized.

On Thursday, the ship safely docked at its home port in Galveston, but Price says on Wednesday they received an apology letter from the captain for the incident, and after everything is said and done, Price says she is looking forward to cruising again.

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