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The Chef Wizard: Does It Work?

Replace your spatulas, whisks and tongs with just one kitchen utensil called the Chef Wizard. This product worth $15 can flip, lift, and whisk, but Does It Work? We put this product to many tests to answer that question for you.

John Franklin was one of many to e-mail me about this product. "The fact that it's versatile you can use one tool to do most anything instead of digging and finding one tool for this and one tool for that. You can pick this up and use it and it works, then it would be a very handy thing," John said.

I picked up several things for this test. We've got spaghetti, eggs, pickles, and a steak. For the first test, John cracked the egg and whisked it away! The Chef Wizard so far seemed to working just fine.

Second, the makers claim you can also flip an egg in the skillet. "How did that feel?" NewsChannel 11 asked as John successfully flipped the egg. "It's fine. Have to be careful with that yolk," he replied..

Third, John used The Chef Wizard to lift it out of the skillet and it worked.

Next, John's using The Chef Wizard to pull a pickle slice from the jar. Not bad.

Accidentally, John's wife discovered she could lift a baking potato with The Chef Wizard.

Now, John's got a grip on this piece of a two pound steak No problem lifting and placing it in the pan. John continued to use it to flip the steak.

For our final test, we boiled spaghetti noddles. "I'm surprised. I think it works very well," said John as he lifted the noodles out of the water with The Chef Wizard.

No doubt, this product deserves it's name. The Chef Wizard works!

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