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Wind Velocity Wrecks Havoc Across the South Plains

People across the South Plains are still cleaning up after what's been described as the worst windstorm in more than 20 years. Thousands lost power but LP&L and South Plains Electric Co-op report most power has been restored. But that's just part of the clean-up process, for many, clean up started right at the car wash.

At Sundance Car Wash the day started out slow but as the brown haze went away and the sun came out, dirty cars started rolling in one after another. But cars aren't all that need a wash, debris from the storm is all over town.

Tuesday nights storm wreaked havoc across the South Plains, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Power crews were out first thing Wednesday morning repairing lines and outages, downed fences were spotted all over town. We found a windmill, ironically crushed by it's own force.

Dozens of houses also took a beating. Roofer Jim Hardin had a day full of damage survey. "We've been getting a lot of calls of wind damage from three tab roofs like this one behind us, three tabs don't hold up very well in West Texas and when you have 60 mph winds it can pretty much take care of them," said Jim Hardin of Roof Master.

Jim says you can buy certain roofs that withstand the West Texas wind but of course he wasn't complaining. "Well I was wishing there was some hail with it, 60 mph winds with without hail would really improve our business, but we have repair already."

Business was also good for Sam Foncham. "I've been really busy today, this is the second tree we've cut down today as a result of the thunder storm. It's terrible bushes everywhere, tumbleweeds, everybody's calling for me to come take care of their trees," said Sam Foncham of Sam & Co.

But for Pete Alcorte the whole ordeal was just scary. "When all this happened I was at work and my wife called me and said a tree had fallen and it was on an electrical wire so if it would've fell down completely it would of cut off my electricity," said Resident Pete Alcorte.

NewsChannel 11 also talked to a few insurance companies today, they didn't receive too many calls as a result of the storm, which to them means the damage wasn't too severe.

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