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Seeds of Faith Planted in Others Through Power of Prayer

The idea is that even with very little faith, great things can happen. Heather Harkins of Lubbock took this word and lesson to build her own ministry, the Mustard Seed Mission. It was destined to be a children's ministry, but it has blossomed into a ministry for the entire family, giving everyone who visits a chance to know that little is much when you rely on the Power of Prayer. For Heather, finding a church home was not easy.

"I had stopped going to college so my husband could finish, and he finished. I was just kinda lost. I didn't know what kind of direction I was going in or what I wanted to do, and the day we were suppose to move to Colorado City, I got up that morning and went to church and I hadn't been in a really long time, and I reconnected with my church family that I hadn't seen in several years," says Harkins.

While at church in 1996, her friends talked about going to church camp, and Heather just knew she had to go. So, at age 24, thanks to her best friend Mitzi, she went to church camp for the very frst time and the impact it had changed her life forever, planting a seed of faith in her heart.

"I just learned so many things when we were there that summer, just about myself and about the direction I'd been going and the direction I needed to go, that I think a lot of seeds planted then that I didn't realize would develop into Mustard Seed Mission today," says Harkins.

With renewed faith, she began a Mustard Seed Mission. A mission to plant the seed of faith in others.

"Mustard Seed Mission is now my children's ministry that's really quickly turning into a family ministry," says Harkins.

So, with the help of a friend, her faith in God was renewed and through the Power of Prayer her mission took flight.

"I've always believed in prayer and knew that when I prayed, if it was God's will, then he would answer it," says Harkins.

One of her toughest times came last year when funds for her mission ran out. But John, the camp director, says this was their chance to come closer to God.

"God gives us opportunities, cleverly described as problems, so we've always tried to look at problems as an opportunity for God's work," says John Andeson, the camp director.

The only option now was to pray for a miracle.

"Just a few days later, we had the money to go. Somebody sent a huge donation. I have no idea where it came from, but God answered within just a few days and there was even more of that to follow," says Heather.

In fact, they received enough money to be a tax detuctable organization, but it's the Power of Prayer that made their camp a success by changing lives year after year.

"I believe prayer is powerful. I think the key to praying is the fact that God is powerful and the power that prayer has is really the power that God has and his ability to answer prayer. God created us for fellowship with him, and that's what he desires and our praying is our spending time with him and fellowship with him," says John.

"Prayer is very powerful," says Heather.

The Mustard Seed Mission started with just one seed in 1996: Heather Harkins. Already, that one seed has changed hundreds of lives with their camp in Colorado. Heather is looking to start a camp in the Lubbock area in the very near future.

For more information on the Mustard Seed Mission, you can call (888) 606-2106, or you can (click here).

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