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Supreme Court set to decide if video games are harmful to children

By Karin McCay| email

Edited by Kristin Beerman | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A surprising third party is stepping into the fight between many parents and their kids over video games, the Supreme Court. There is already a law that protects minors from obscenity and now, for the first time, the Supreme Court will decide if video game violence is also harmful to young people and if states should be allowed to restrict the sale to adults only.  At issue is a 2005 California Law signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that bans the sale or rental of a video game to children if it shows killing, maiming or other violent actions.  Since school shootings in the late 1990's have been linked to young people who played violent video games, Advocates for Children have argued that some games are making them more prone to violence.

"They are more aggressive, they tend to be more bullying, they tend to live in fear of the circumstances around them unnecessarily," said Tim Winter, with the Parents Television Council.  "They tend to resort to violence as a solution for conflict."

On the flip side, video game makers say there's no proof that the games actually cause violence and they say parental blocks are already in place if parents choose to use them.

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