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Kids and Immunizations

Parents know that by age five, kids need certain shots to get into school, but if parents wait to vaccinate when it's time to start school, what protection are those kids getting as infants and toddlers, before the schools check for required immunizations?

By age three, your child should already have an estimated 20 vaccinations. Yet, a fourth of the kids under age three in Texas are not getting the shots they need. That's according to a team of researchers at Texas Tech who unveiled the results of a study on Thursday that indicates that we have a big, big problem in Texas.

"Immunizations in the state of Texas are on the critical list," says Dr. David Smith, TTU Chancellor.

Dr. Smith also says Texas Tech researchers are now making eight recommendations to the legislature to help increase the state's childhood immunization rates. One suggestion will be to develop a statewide immunization tracking system so that it will be obvious to agencies early on who is protected and who is not.

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