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Discovery of Wallet Gives Nameless Bones an Identity

Alejandro Gomez Alejandro Gomez

The cowboy hats moved steadily through a sea of green. Investigators walking chest high through blooming brush, searching for clues into the disappearance of Alejandro Gomez. Skeletal remains found Tuesday. News of a wallet released Thursday.

"There was a wallet found in the pants and the name on the check card was Alejandro Gomez," said Sheriff Bob Wilson. The body was found west of Tahoka. Two co-workers said they dropped him off just outside of O'Donnel. But if Gomez intended to walk home, he traveled 20 miles in the wrong direction, walking North instead of Southwest. Raising more red flags in his disappearance.

"Right now there are many unanswered questions," said Lynn county sheriff Bob Wilson. He says even though the wallet points to Gomez, authorities are waiting on DNA testing to be sure. "People have faked their own deaths, you know," said Wilson.

In the meantime, the identity of Alejandro's former co-workers remains guarded. Police have yet to seek them for further questioning, recounting limited cooperation three months ago. "We've had some difficulty obtaining information from them," said Dawson county investigator Johnny Oretgon. He's been working on the case since January, and spoken with the Gomez family since the discovery of the body. "It's a difficult situation for them, to get the news but not really know for sure, but they've handled it well," he said.

Investigators expect the wait for the DNA results to last between 6 weeks and 3 months.

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