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Couple Ties the Knot at UMC

It's one of the most touching love stories that I've ever seen. On Saturday afternoon, Chris and Stephanie Little exchanged their wedding vows at the McInturff Center at UMC. Not exactly your church ceremony, but special none the less. Complete with flowers, music, and not wedding gowns -- but hospital gowns. The Littles say it was destined to be the most important day of their lives, and they weren't going to let anything stand in their way of tying the knot.

The biggest day of Chris and Stephanie's life, they're wedding day, all planned in just a matter of hours.

"It's been kind of crazy. My dad called me at 8:30 (Saturday) morning to let me know that they were gonna get married up here at the hospital," says the bride's sister, Jennifer Null.

"This is a last minute deal. We didn't know if we were gonna go through it or not, but they decided to. They've been wanting to get married for a while, and they don't care where it is," says the groom's brother, Grant Little.

"We came for a wedding, and so we're gonna see a wedding," says the groom's friend, Cody Karschner.

After spending the night in the hospital, Chris with a concussion and Stephanie with bumps and bruises, now they're going to a make-shift chapel, and they're gonna get married.

The wedding party in their finest hospital gowns. Chris anticipating the arrival of his lovely bride to be in a wheelchair adorned with flowers.

"We had a wedding planned for (Saturday) and so we wanted to get married (Saturday). We didn't want anything to get in the way of it," says Stephanie.

It may not be the fanciest ceremony but perhaps the most moving.

"We also want to recognize the gift of life that he has given to these two," says their pastor.

Both life and love in the aftermath of a tragedy that threatened to keep them apart.

"Before your marriage has even begun, you have already found yourselves in a place of trial," says the pastor.

And god's grace will keep them together forever.

"It's your hand that brought them together. It's your hand that will keep them all the days of their lives," says the pastor.

"This is the best day of my life, even though I've been in the hospital for almost all of it. It's the best day of my life," says Chris.

"It's one of the worst and best things we've ever been through in one weekend in our whole lives," says Cody.

"I have no recollection of the accident or anything. The last thing I remember was (Friday) morning waking up in the hospital," says Chris. "I didn't know where I was. They had to tell me I had been in a wreck, and the first thing I did was ask about her."

"We just wanted to be married. She means everything to me," says Chris.

They will spend their wedding night in the hospital on Saturday night. Stephanie and Chris were both released from the hospital on Sunday.

The original wedding was supposed to be held at 2:00 p.m. at Trinity Church on Saturday. This is the third time they've tried to get married because Chris is in the Army, and they found it difficult to set a date.

NewsChannel 11 would like to congratulate the newlyweds on finally tying the knot.

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