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Dog lovers join together to bring dog park to Lubbock


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Dog lovers are one step closer to building Lubbock's first dog park. Saturday afternoon more than a hundred dogs enjoyed a "Doggy Play Day" at Maxey Park while their owners donated more than $1,500 to build a dog park.   

Lubbock has around 70 parks, but not a single dog park. "Why do we have parks for people? To enhance their environment, to expand their horizons, and to get them to get out and have fun. Dogs need that too," said dog owner Tim Frye.

Many dog owners don't feel comfortable letting their dogs off the leash to run around. That's why wants to create a 15 acre dog park completely fenced in. "The goal is to have a small dog area and a large dog area with double gates so they can't escape," said Co-founder of Jerry Cypert. "The dogs can run free without their leashes to help socialize the dogs, to help burn off some energy so they don't tear up your house when they're home alone and also to get people involved as a community," he said.

Cypert wants to start a non-profit for the cause, but that will cost about $2,500 to pay for fees and legal reviews. He estimates another $30,000 will be needed to pay for the fence, and that's not including pick up stations or benches.  As for land, Cypert hopes the 15 acres will be donated from one of the already existing parks.

Dog owner Mallory Hendrix brought her dog Hershey to support the idea of building a dog park and hopes Hershey will have a park to play in soon. "To have a happier dog they need to be out and having fun and mingling like people do," she said.

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