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Consider This... LISD school board is wrong


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As a taxpaying citizen of Lubbock, I am very disappointed in the Lubbock ISD School Board. Last week they decided to buy the property sitting in front of the administration building at 19th and Avenue Q.

They will pay a quarter of a million dollars for this transmission shop. It's a property currently appraised at $75,000. They say they will tear down the shop and turn it into a park with a nice new view of the front of their building.

And the most shocking part: this decision passed six to one.

Consider this: six of our trustees, as they are called, are just plain wrong. They bought a piece of property they didn't need at a price almost four times what its was worth.

I don't see one single reason why taxpayers should buy this building other than it's blocking the view of central office. They are using our tax dollars to make their lives more comfortable and attractive in a building where there are no students.

Are they saying there is not one single school in Lubbock that could use $250,000 worth of improvements for something other than a park, a park that students will never use? That's what it looks like. And I bet if the six trustees voting for this were negotiating with their own money, they wouldn't even consider it.

I do think there are many positive things going on right now at Lubbock ISD to better educate our kids. But this one has absolutely nothing to do with that.

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