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Texas Tech files motion to dismiss Mike Leach lawsuit

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Attorneys for Texas Tech University on Tuesday, filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit filed by former football coach Mike Leach. This comes after Leach and his attorneys filed their sixth amendment to the lawsuit against the university and four TTU employees.

According to a news release from Texas Tech University, Tuesday's motions from Tech include additional information that "further validates" Texas Tech's position.

"This information leaves no doubt that what we have been saying over the past four months is true: Coach Leach's case has no merit, either factually or legally," said university attorney Dicky Grigg.

Among the new information is an affidavit from Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the nation's leading neurological surgeons who has served as an expert to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL's concussion committee. After reviewing the evidence in the case, Dr. Cantu found that the student athlete had sustained a concussion, and that, in his expert medical opinion, Leach's actions "constituted totally inappropriate management and care for a concussion" and called the mistreatment of this athlete "unconscionable."

Dr. Cantu went on to say, "I am troubled to think of the extremely negative effect that this humiliating treatment of Adam James by Coach Leach most probably had on other members of the football team. The treatment of Adam James would have a chilling effect on teammates reporting their own concussion symptoms and in my opinion was an entirely inappropriate message to send to these student athletes."

The motions also include new affidavits by football trainers Steve Pincock and Buzz Chisum. In those statements, Leach told Chisum that the student's concussion was "a bunch of (expletive) (expletive)." In a staff meeting around the time the student was diagnosed, Leach told Pincock to "tell the doctors that we don't have any more concussions around here."

"Look at Dr. Cantu's statement and the additional information from the team trainers," said Grigg. "It is obvious that this is no way to treat a student athlete with a concussion – regardless of a coach's opinion of the player's attitude or ability."

As to Leach's claims of conspiracy – Grigg said nobody in the administration wanted to terminate Coach Leach.

"Kent Hance, Guy Bailey and Gerald Myers repeatedly tried to get Coach Leach to address the issue constructively in order to move forward, but he refused," said Grigg. "What Leach did was too wrong to ignore. His mistreatment of a player was – as Dr. Cantu said – unconscionable. Despite the numerous efforts of the administration, Leach refused to take responsibility for his actions and refused to work toward resolving the situation."

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