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Whatever Happened to the Beeman Case?

Three years ago a Lubbock woman was charged with killing her infant son. 20-year-old Laura Beeman confessed to throwing her son Joshua to the ground twice in a fit of rage. The baby died from a shattered skull, and Laura was indicted on capital murder charges.

The case drew a lot of attention because Laura is deaf, and specialists had to be brought in by authorities to help them question her.

Three years later, Laura is no longer in jail, freed after posting bond, and her case has yet to go to trial.

The Lubbock County District Attorney's Office says they can't comment on the case and they're awaiting pre-trial and trial dates. But, for the first time since the murder, Joshua's father, Drew, did comment to us in an exclusive interview. And Drew Beeman says it's high time this case goes to trial.

"I really didn't want to believe it. I still don't want to believe it," says Drew. His only son Joshua was killed when he was just 7-months-old. Drew says his little boy always wore a smile. "Every time I caught his eye, he would smile."

Drew's wife Laura, whom he's in the process of divorcing, was charged with the murder. But Drew says what happened that day still isn't clear to him. He was working at the time. Laura and one of her friends, both of whom are deaf, were at home with little Joshua. Both women have always had conflicting stories.

"Laura said there was an argument followed by a sort of tug of war for Joshua. Laura says she let him go and the baby was accidentally thrown. But the other girl says my wife had the baby and threw him down head first. Who am I going to believe? I want to believe my wife, but my son's dead," says Drew.

When confronted about the inconsistencies with her story, police say Laura confessed to throwing Joshua to the floor to get her friend's attention. Despite a confession, the case still hasn't gone to trial and Drew says his patience is wearing thin. "I want some answers as to what happened in my house that day. But I also want justice. There's a little boy buried in Meadow, Texas and whoever put him there is not behind bars. And that's wrong," says Drew.

The DA's office tells Drew they are waiting on a psychological evaluation of Laura before going to trial with this case. The DA's office told NewsChannel 11 they're waiting on a pre-trial and trial date to be set.

Drew says Laura has since had another baby with another man, but that child is in the custody of Children's Protective Services.

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