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Leach team & TTU latest fight: Was witness threatened?

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Did Texas Tech threaten a witness to get its way in the ongoing legal battle with fired football coach Mike Leach? Leach's attorney Ted Liggett raised the question Wednesday. Texas Tech then fired back a denial and some allegations of its own. 

Leach was fired in late December amid allegations that he abused injured player Adam James.  Leach denies it and filed a lawsuit.

Wednesday Liggett released several documents, only one of which was "new" to the public record. The first one is a December 19th draft letter from University President Guy Bailey and Athletic Director Gerald Myers to Mike Leach; but his attorney says he never got it. 

The second is an instruction from a TTU Regent to the University Chancellor saying in essence to not send the draft letter. "I strongly urge you not to close this matter," Regent Larry Anders wrote. He continued, "I mentioned early today I do not want to eliminate our ability to use this to our advantage to terminate Mike Leach."

According to the draft, the President and Athletic Director had no intention of firing Leach but instead fining him $60,000, instructing him to take direction from the team doctor on injured players and ordering him to not retaliate against player Adam James. 

"This [draft] letter is important," says Liggett "because it's clear on December 27th and 28th the Athletic Director and President of the university thought that the whole incident regarding Adam James could be put to bed."

The third document released by Leach's lawyer is a veiled threat, Liggett says. And he says it caused a witness named Steve Pincock to change his sworn statement.

It is a January 1st email from Regent Jerry Turner to the Chancellor stating, "If he refuses or is reluctant to sign it should we ask whether he lied to the officials that conducted the official investigation…"  

"Read between the lines folks.  I think this is nothing more than a veiled threat to Mr. Pincock," says Liggett. "It clearly shows Mr. Pincock has been directed to change his affidavit, not once but twice."

"Any insinuation by Mike Leach or his lawyers that Steve Pincock was coerced into signing his affidavit is totally false," says attorney for Texas Tech Dicky Grigg. "Pincock's affidavit is true, correct and sworn to."  

Grigg continues, "Pincock's affidavit is further corroborated by fellow trainer Buzz Chisum's sworn affidavit. Leach's people are willing to do or say anything to deflect from the reason the coach was fired by Texas Tech—the irresponsible treatment of an injured student athlete and insubordination."

Both sides go before the judge for a hearing on May 14th .

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