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Lamb County jury convicts man of helping to hide roommate's dead body


LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) – A Lamb County man is guilty of helping hide the body of his dead roommate.

A Lamb County jury spent an hour and a half deliberating before convicting 53-year-old Brad Halderman of tampering with evidence. Lamb County deputies say he and 51-year-old Mickey Birchfield beat their roommate, Ronald Bures, to death in July of 2009, then dragged him more than three miles into Hale County where they left his body.

Halderman was indicted by a Lamb County grand jury last fall for tampering with evidence in the murder of Bures. And he was indicted again last month, for the same second-degree felony to clarify some language.

The prosecution in Halderman's trial rested Thursday afternoon. For there to be a guilty verdict, the prosecution had to prove Halderman helped hide Bures' body. The jury agreed. Sentencing started Friday evening.

In August 2009, Bures' brother told KCBD NewsChannel 11 that Ron was self employed as a painter and also did construction work in the Lubbock area. He says he didn't know the two men Ron was living with.

"The guys that did it, I was feeling sorry for them because of how they lived, evidently with what happened they have no concern for life no one should be killed of course, but even the nature of the dragging of my brother's body," said John Bures. 

John says he doesn't wish death upon anyone, but hopes these men will be sent to prison for a long time. 
"Ronnie loved life, he loved every day, every day of living," said Bures. "it's hard to realize that he is not going to be able to continue on like the rest of us."

Meanwhile, Mickey Birchfield's murder trial is scheduled for July 19th.

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