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Lubbockites told violent weather keeps insurance cost high

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – There's good news and bad news for Texas insurance consumers.  The bad news is that Texas has the second highest homeowner insurance rates in the country behind Florida.  The good news is that rates did not go up much after major storms like the one here in Lubbock on April 16th 2009. Just that one storm caused $110 million in property damage. 

Bryan Shofner of Lubbock is President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas, and agent with Shofner Lynch & Shulse.

Shofner says, "While Texas has seen some increases, we have seen for the most part a pretty flat stable environment.  Meaning that the rates have not gone up substantially."  Shofner continues, "But we do see companies making different changes in the way they're offering coverages."

Shofner says when you shop around, it's import to look at both coverage and price.  Shofner and the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas spent some time educating the public this last week in Lubbock because it's the start of severe weather season.

"It just depends on who you're dealing with.  There's quite a wide range of different coverage's but also prices. So that's where you'll see your differences," he says.

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