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Insulin inhaler could drastically change lives of type 2 Diabetics

By Karin McCay| email

Edited by Jon Bush | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – You'd think Steven Elkman has asthma, but he's using this inhaler to manage his Type 2 Diabetes. You see, no one likes shots, and patients who are insulin dependent diabetics may need injections several times a day. That's why a new way to deliver insulin is so exciting for these patients. Depending on how many doses they need each dose comes one spritz at a time.

"And nobody really notices because so many people use inhalators for asthmatic medications, that, you know, it doesn't really attract any attention," says Elkman.

Dr. Dennis Gage, a researcher in the insulin spray study adds, "It's literally a spray that goes into your mouth, and the spray actually is in, in a form so that about one unit per spray of insulin can get absorbed into your body."  

The experimental spray, called Oral-Lyn, is spritzed in the mouth before meals. The insulin is absorbed through mouth tissue and enters the bloodstream from there. If Oral-Lyn gets FDA approval, the spray may be the only medication some type 2 Diabetics will need, an injection free device that could revolutionize the way patients get their insulin.

Clinical trials continue at several sites across the country. For more information on the clinical trial, (click here). To find out more about the company that makes Oral-Lyn, (click here).

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