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Severe storms, tornadoes wreak havoc in Oklahoma, killing five

SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA (KCBD) - Monday's deadly storms smashed cars, destroyed homes and businesses.

The storm system that moved through Oklahoma killed five people. And it's not just one town in Oklahoma affected, the whole central part of the state is under a tornado watch.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 Storm Chaser David Drummond and Photojournalist Tim Honeycutt are in Oklahoma, 18 miles from where the violent weather killed five people Southeast of Oklahoma City.

They spotted one funnel cloud and believed another funnel was in the area but couldn't see because of the heavy rain.

"I was coming on I-40 and I was going to exit because it started raining really heavy. As soon as I pulled off the exit I saw circulation and just really weird clouds. As soon as I pulled in here I just couldn't see anymore and I felt it pick my car up and just threw me into that guard rail. And then I got out of my car and ran and hid under the overpass," said one motorist.

This is just some of the devastation from the high winds, snapped power lines and flipped cars. The storm peeled roofs off.

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