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Program Helps Women Get Their Lives Back on Track

With the help of the Christian Women's Job Corps here in Lubbock, one woman got more than a new start in life, she found a new friend and a renewed relationship with God. This program teaches women like Stella Luna that life can be fulfilling through the Power of Prayer.

Stella Luna spent months working a dead-end job.

"I said I don't want this for myself, and there's got to be something better for me," says Stella.

She lost her self-esteem and her relationship with God started to suffer.

"I felt that I needed something more, but I didn't know what," says Stella.

She had no other choice but to turn to others for help. She heard about the Christian Women's Job Corps from a friend and decided to sign up.

"Our whole purpose is to try to help women in need to better themselves personally, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually to become self-sufficient, productive citizens," says Denise.

Denise Kopriva, director of the program, says it's designed to give women like Stella a more positive outlook on life and a closer relationship with God. Women take classes on various subjects, but the most crucial part of the program is the one-on-one counseling each lady receives.

"Each lady in our program is paired with a Christian woman who is stable in her walk with the Lord and has a desire to help other women in need," says Denise.

Shirley Castle answered Stella's call for help and became Stella's mentor two years ago. Since then, their relationship has grown. Now, they're inseparable.

"The Lord has blessed me with a good mentor. We keep in touch even when we can't be with each other. We talk over the phone and I let her know what's going on with my family," says Stella.

"It's more like sisters. We laugh together, we cry together, we pray together," says Shirley.

And it's the Power of Prayer that has blessed them both with a new walk with God and a wonderful friendship.

"Prayer in my life is the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. That's my communication with God, and without God, there's no way I can go without him, there's just no way," says Stella.

"Although both of us have a strong faith, we are still growing, so it really is more like a friendship than a mentoring situation. I have a very dear friend. We've been blessed with a friendship," says Shirley.

"I thank Shirley for being my mentor. I am blessed to have her, and I'm not gonna let her go!" says Shirley.

Since graduating from the program in 2001, Stella Luna has found a new job that makes her proud, and she's strengthened her relationship with God and her family. And as for the both of them, they say it's the Power of Prayer that helps them through everyday life and serves as a lifeline for their relationship and their walk with God.

The Christian Women's Job Corps is a 10 week program given several times a year here in Lubbock. Free childcare and lunch is offered during classtime.

If you would like to learn more, you can (click here).

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