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KCBD cameras capture tornadoes as they rip through Oklahoma

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

NORMAN, OK (KCBD) - Five people are dead and dozens are injured after more than three dozen tornadoes ripped through the central part of Oklahoma Monday night.

In Norman, Oklahoma, the National Weather Service estimated 10 tornadoes touched down, and our own cameras captured mother nature at work and the destruction it left behind. "The tornado appears to be on the ground in Norman, OK and its coming up at us from the south," said KCBD NewsChannel 11's storm chase David Drummond.

Drummond and KCBD Photojournalist Tim Honeycutt were in Oklahoma when the tornadoes touched down. "Very intense circulation right in there. That's pretty serious looking. And it's very close to the radar so that's very low level. In fact some of that echo may be debris being picked up, sometimes referred to as the debris ball," said Drummond.

Then another tornado formed right before their eyes. This one called a rope tornado happened just north of Yukon, which is near Oklahoma City, along Interstate 40. "You can see how it's sheered out and stretched out so long. It's roping out. It's a very quick tornado. It didn't get big, but it's in the rope stages," said Drummond.

But when everything is said and done, the aftermath tells the real story. Five people are dead and dozens are injured. Homes are no longer standing, power lines are down, and flying debris literally smashed into this semi truck. "I was outside hanging onto the outside of a truck when it actually came through. Scared me to death. I was hanging onto the truck," said a truck driver.

Onlookers were still in shock, after what they just witnessed. "It's hard to describe, I'm just glad I'm here," said one witness.

Tens of thousands of Oklahoma residents are still without power by Monday night, and the National Weather Service says there could even be severe storms again in that region on Wednesday.

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