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DNA testing will soon be able to be done in the privacy of your own home

By Karin McCay| email

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – You might have expected this to happen someday, but it's happening this Friday at Walgreens.  The corner drugstore has announced it will begin carrying an over the counter genetic testing kit that you can use in the privacy of your own home to see into the future, your future.  To know whether you carry genes that put you at a greater risk of certain conditions.

"People should have a right to any kind of information about their health," said Jim Woodman, with Pathway Genomics.

The manufacturer is Pathways Genomics and they describe this as just the beginning of the future of medicine, but already, it's getting mixed reviews.    

"I think it's a bad idea. I wouldn't buy it and I would recommend to my friends and family that they not buy it," said Hank Greely, with Stanford Law School.

Genetic tests have been available for years, but this is the first time you'll be able to buy one at the drug store.

"They might say "My Gosh" I shouldn't have children or my goodness I'm going to die at a young age.  Let me spend all of my money and drop out of college," said Ellen Matloff, with Yale.

The kit itself costs about $25 and it provides what you need to send a sample of your saliva to the company. Then, depending on how much you spend, for up to $437 you can find out what diseases are potentially waiting in your DNA and whether you might be a carrier for something that could be passed on to your children.

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