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Blowing Sands Costing Lubbock Residents Hundreds

The problem is in the Regal Park neighborhood. Given the situation, it should be renamed 'Regal Beach'. Sand dunes bordering alleyways are as deep as seven inches. The sand is coming from the adjacent land where developers are making way for a new neighborhood. Neighbors aren't complaining about that, but they are complaining about the hundreds of dollars they're spending to shovel the red sand out of their yards.

You're looking at home video of last week's sand storm caught on tape from one of the residents who live in Regal Park, located in southwest Lubbock. The aftermath is a sea of sand literally everywhere. "It's been devastating to all of us in the neighborhood," said B.D. Garland, who has lived in the neighborhood for four years.

Garland says the windstorms aren't the problem. "All of this field to the west over here has blown constantly every year all up in our yards. This is just last weeks accumulation. I had this removed previously. You see I have sprinklers underneath all this," said Garland as he showed us the depth of the sand.

Even neighbor Don Taylor has complained about the sand to the owners of the Lubbock Land Company. The company developing the land for new houses. "The frustrating part is not getting any results from any of our efforts and the constant fight with the sand. I've personally shoveled sand out of my yard four times this year and really haven't accomplished anything," said Taylor.

What they rake out sometimes ends up in the streets. NewsChannel 11 contacted the city, and they told us city sweepers come by to sweep after a massive wind storm blows into town. Other than that, their policy it to sweep only when residents complain of dirty streets.

Don Jennings with the city told NewsChannel 11 there are several neighborhoods in Lubbock dealing with the same problem. So if you have lots of dirt in your streets call (806) 775-2606 .

Also, NewsChannel 11 talked with the Lubbock Land Developers and they say in the next couple of days they will be plowing deep, turning over heavy clay to hold the sand in place.

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