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Martin Votes Against Gonzalez Nomination

"All those in favor?," asked Mayor Marc McDougal. "Aye," responded five city councilors. "All those opposed?," "No," said councilman Tom Martin.

The no vote was solitary, but firm. Councilman Tom Martin opposing the approval of Tommy Gonzalez as interim city manager. "I felt he lacked the experience we need at this very critical time in Lubbock history," said Martin.

Gonzalez says he respects Martin's opinion, but at the same time, he's served the city for over a decade. "I've been here since 1991, 12, 13 years. That's long enough to know what's going on, not long enough to become cynical," he said.

"I feel like we appointed him 45 days ago," said Mayor Marc Mcdougal. Supporting Gonzalez but clarifying that the role of interim city manager does not automatically place Gonzalez on the short list of candidates for the full time position. "Well, no. There's not anybody automatically on the list," said McDougal. "And to my knowledge Tommy has not applied for the job yet," he added.

Meanwhile, Martin says no hard feelings for the vote against Gonzalez. "He is now the interim city manager. And this council, including myself, support him in that role. And there should be no doubt among anybody - employees, citizens, the community, that right now he's the city manager," he said.

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