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Floydada hit by hurricane force storm Monday morning

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email and Shane Gordon | email

FLOYDADA, TX (KCBD) – Hurricane force winds hit Floydada hard Monday morning.  According to Floydada Emergency Management, two 18-wheelers were blown over and three roofs were ripped off buildings.

The West Texas Mesonet measured one wind gust at 84 miles per hour.  The National Weather Service reported sustained winds in excess of 50 miles per hour for 10 minutes or more.  

Among the structures damaged by the storm was the museum building in downtown Floydada. 

"I got a phone call that part of my roof was gone," says Dorothy Turner, Floyd County Historical Museum Director.  "So, I came down here.  It was bad.  The wind blew hard, hard, hard."

Turner actually used a couple of the museum pieces to control the damage.  She had some buckets from America's Great Depression, and she put them to use. 

"They were used for collecting water many years ago, back in the dust bowl days.  And when it did rain, when people didn't have roofs on houses, you put buckets under everything."

The buckets were no match for the rain damage in one of the museum rooms.

"There's a lot of flooding in there," Turner says.  "We just need a swim suit in there or a boat." Turner says part of the building will need a new roof.

"Well, I was working and it got real dark real fast," says Sierra Palacio, Floydada resident.  "All of the sudden the rain came."  Palacio says, "All the rain came into NAPA and it's all flooded." 

Palacio worked to clean up the standing water in NAPA Autoparts where she worked. She says the rain was blowing sideways and that is why it came into the building.

The hurricane strength winds snapped trees, knocked over mailboxes, and forced track mats into a fence.  

The quilt and wildflower show at "Old Settler's" will go on this weekend as scheduled. However, it has been moved to the main building, adjacent to the original location. 

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