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HealthWise at 5 From 4.25

  • MS Nerve Treatment

Researchers in italy have successfully repaired nerve damage in mice with an illness much like multiple sclerosis. The study is significant not just because damaged tissue was repaired, but the mice also appeared to recover from their MS-like illness. Though stem cell research is still controversial, this is a big step in the search to find ways to repair damaged nerve tissue.

The Italian researchers injected immature mouse adult stem cells into the blood or brain cavities of mice. Those cells moved into the affected areas and promoted the repair of damaged nerve insulation called Myelin - essentially reversing the effects of the disease itself. But MS researchers warn what happened in mice may not happen in humans. There's also a problem sometimes identifying stem cells that the body's immune system will not reject. So more study is needed, but the findings are at least encouraging.  The research was done at San Raffaele Hospital in Italy.

  • Obesity and Cancer

After tracking nearly a million people for years, the American Cancer Society unveiled an eye-opener this week. The biggest study ever into a connection between cancer and body weight concludes now that being overweight, from even a few pounds up to 30 pounds or more, could account on average for 14% of all cancer deaths among men and 20% of all cancer deaths among women. The more overweight, the higher the risk. The best theory so far is that excess fat may stimulate hormones that can cause tumors to develop or grow. The results are in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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