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Local hair salon does their part to help with oil spill cleanup


By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As the oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of thousands of barrels a days, there is an uneasy tension right now, from the Mississippi Delta to the Florida Keys.

Once the leak is repaired, BP still faces the massive effort of cleaning up the mess. But there may be a way you could help with that clean up effort... get a haircut!

A few snips and a new look. Dianna Gattone spends her days making over clients, but now she hopes to help make over the gulf coast by donating the hair her salon collects each day. "The way that hair is it doesn't break down so it can collect the oil and absorb it," says Gattone.

Hair by Diane and other salons across the country send the hair to Ritz Carlton Hotels where it is used to make mats called booms that soak up the oil.

Gattone heard about the idea and searched online how her salon could help. Hair by Diane usually fills buckets with left over hair each week. "My goodness, we will fill up a canister every day so it is probably a good 10, 12 or 13 gallons of hair a day," adds Gattone.

Instead of throwing it away they can do something useful with it. "It's very important that we jump into this," believes Gattone.

Gattone's customers enjoy helping too. They get a free style with their cut when they donate their hair. "It's fun to see a small business like this in a town far away to be doing something to help out," says Raquel Hardesty. 

There are critics who doubt the usefulness of the hair booms because it has never been tested on an actual major oil spill.

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