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Lubbock Radio Stations Caught in Middle of Chick Talk

Thursday night, all three members of the Dixie Chicks were on a nationally televised program talking about their side of the story. And of course, the day after, it's the talk of the town.

Lubbock's country radio station, KLLL's phones wouldn't stop ringing, because the Chicks are once again in the spot light again. They posed nude for this Entertainment Weekly magazine and making an appearance on ABC's Primetime with Diane Sawyer on Thursday night.

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Some of KLLL's listeners were hoping for an apology from the Dixie Chicks, but feel like that didn't happen. "I think I could have put it all behind me if she got up there last night and said with big alligator tears coming out of her eyes, 'I'm stupid, forgive me, I'm very sorry," said one caller.

Other listeners just want this issue put to rest. "I listen to KLLL because you play good music. I just wish people would forget about it and forgive them for what they've done. They're only human," said another caller.

Two sides, and a station caught in the middle. "I vote for keeping them off. If they come on, I'll probably switch the channel," said one caller to Jon Steele, Stacey James, and Rick Gilbert. "You know how that puts us in the middle? We've got people who are saying they're not going to listen because we're not playing, you say if we play, you're not going to listen," said morning show host, Jon Steele.

"We want to get a feel because frankly, we have to be a barometer. We try to be a barometer to our listeners and we certainly want to do what the masses and the majority want," said Scott Harris, KLLL General Manager.

"I'm not ready to hear the Dixie Chicks."

"I say let's move forward, I want you to play them."

"If you play them, then I would just change the channel."

Two hours later, the pulse. 61% don't want to hear the Chicks played on the radio, 39% said they're ready.

So when will the Dixie Chicks be back on the air? KLLL's Scott Harris says they will know in about four weeks. They're doing a listener research poll.

Also, The Bear still isn't playing the Chicks on the radio. They say they're letting their listeners decide that fate.

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