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Sheriff's Deputy healing at home after head-on collision

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A Lubbock County Sheriff's Deputy is now healing at home after a head on collision Saturday night. It was a frightening scene on Saturday when a pickup truck collided with Corporal Scott Duncan's patrol car. Duncan was released from the hospital Monday night with a couple of injuries, but is in good spirits.

"The Deputy was eastbound on FM 1585 patrolling. The suspect vehicle which was a pickup truck was west bound on FM 1585, and basically the pickup crossed over to the path of the patrol unit," says Corporal John Gonzalez.

"He's doing fine. As a matter of fact, when I arrived at the ER and visited with him right after the accident, he was making jokes with the staff in the ER And he was doing good." says Chief Deputy Cody Scott.

Duncan has been working at the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department since 2006. Chief Deputy Cody Scott told KCBD NewsChannel 11 that Duncan was less than one week into his promotion from Deputy to Corporal.

"He'll still be responding to calls, taking reports that type of deal as a normal patrolman, but he'll also have the added responsibilities training new officers as they come out, " says Scott.

DPS filed charges with the District Attorney's office against Antonio Aleman, the driver of the pickup truck. Corporal Gonzalez says the intoxicated assault charge is the only one being filed at this time until the toxicology report is finished. Aleman has already pleaded guilty to two other DWI charges in the last seven years. If charged with a third, he could face a third degree felony.

Gonzalez hopes that a thorough investigation will bring justice to Corporal Duncan, the Sheriff's Department, and Lubbock. "We want to make sure that we look at everything cross every T, dot and every I and make sure that it's a valid case for the general public as well as law enforcement."

As of Tuesday afternoon, Aleman was still being treated at University Medical Center. No warrants have been issued yet. As for Duncan, he's nursing a broken arm and a fractured ankle.

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